7 Things All Gross Couples Really Do

They say you’re never more relaxed then when you’re in a relationship….

1.Telling each other that you’ve just had a really good poo. 

It is strangely satisfying.

2. Probing each other’s bodies for spots, blackheads and white hairs.

And squishing them till they pop.

3. Smelling each other.

Love isn’t just blind.

4. Cutting each other’s toe nails.

They seem to grow overnight!

5. Then take a very big wee, while the other is in the shower and the kids are cleaning their teeth. 

Boundaries? What boundaries? 

6. Plus, farting in bed is kind of funny. 

It’s like your bums are trying to talk to each other.

7. And even though they are mega gross to everyone else, you think they’re ace!




  1. Can’t quite believe I’m admitting to this but I used to chew my husband’s toenails. I can’t chew my own fingernails because they’re false so any nail I can get in my gob, I’ll nibble on. Probably why I’m laid up with D&V to be fair.


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