Magic Mummy Matriarchs

To all my fellow Mums out there,
Imperfect, neurotic or scared,
Who cares if you’ve said shit twice already,
meaning to say poo instead.

We all bribe and sometimes dive for that chosen bottle of red,
Especially when they’ve had a meltdown over their favourite missing Ted,
When crafting, bathing and time outs just fill you with utter dread,
And you wish you could scream fuck off right now instead of saying it inside your head.

Matriarchs, this is for you, please embrace your flaws,
None of us are perfect, not even mother in laws,
Your ways may be suspect, and guilt plagues you wherever you go,
But from those who really matter, you’re amazing, just like a rainbow.

Prose for Thought


  1. I salute you and your cause! Thanks for bigging us shattered mothers up. WE need it! Also have to say I’ve never been to your blog before – how your head pic made me laugh. It is brilliant. Keep writing, your voice needs to be heard. x


    1. Thanks so much!! I wrote this for my Facebook page as a lot of my followers are friends who were all having a crap time. It seemed to really spar them on so thought it would be nice to share. I’m so bad a rhyming though….might have to have another go lol


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