You’re NO Crap Mum, So Stop That Guilt

Unsung Mums guess what? We all feel guilt about being crap parents, but we really shouldn’t. Honest.

My toddler generally spends the first three hours of her awake time in the same old nappy she slept in.  I’ve had four hours sleep all night and can’t be fucked with the tantrum i know will come.  Doesn’t make me crap.

It’s Frosties for breakfast again as it’s the only thing my kid will eat right now without a major meltdown. Nope, still not crap.

The baby has dried Weetabix in her hair and the kid refuses to have hers brushed, making her look like a child delinquent and causes my mother in law to scowl and tut intravenously.  No crap here.

I swear in the car daily because some twat cut me up again, said no to singing Let It Go for the tenth time this journey and gave both kids snacks in the car, knowing full well they’re meant to have lunch with my parents in half hour. Doesn’t make me crap.

While the baby is throwing food and the kid keeps shouting “this is pregusting” every five seconds to a much put out family member, i wish for thirty seconds that i made the Hub use a condom that night and listened to Dad about why having two kids so close together was a shit idea. Still not crap.

Even though I’ve served fish fingers, waffles and beans for dinner for the third night in a row because i’m so fed up with cooking just so the floor can enjoy it.  Definately doesn’t make me crap.

Yes, I’ve forgotten the cakes i said I’d bake for the Pre-school summer fair. The extra book a night I promised the kid  gets left again coz I’m just too tired. Toddler groups get missed, playtime slashed in half and TV time upped because today life is just that extra bit too hard. I’m still not crap.

Mums are fucking heroes in my book. The matriarch of the family. The glue.

Because one thing is for sure Unsung Mums. Crap mums feel fuck all guilt!





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